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Scientific Program

The scientific program covers a broad field of modern theoretical and experimental tunable diode laser spectroscopy. Two sessions will be held each day, morning and afternoon. The Conference schedule will include invited lectures and poster sessions .

1. Semiconductor Lasers. AIIIBV, AIVBVI, DFB lasers, quantum cascade lasers, photoelectric devices, laser noise.

2. New Techniques and Technology. Instrumentation and components, signal processing, fiber optics, calibration.

3. Fundamental Spectroscopy. New spectral data, line profile studies, kinetics and photo chemistry.

4. Diagnostic and Process Monitoring. Exhaust gas analysis, detection of explosives and drugs, isotope ratio measurements, plasma diagnostics.

5. Environmental Monitoring. Atmospheric monitoring, instrument intercalibration, field experiments, laboratory studies.

6. Industrial Developments for Optical Analytical Measurements based on tunable diode lasers

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