TDLS - 2005

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Invited Speakers

Federico Capasso Harvard University
New Nonlinear Optical Quantum Cascade Lasers from the Mid- to the Far-Infrared
Weidong Chen University of Littoral
Tunable Fiber Laser Spectroscopy and Application to Trace Gas Detection
Alan Fried National Center for Atmospheric Research
Lead-salt and Difference Frequency Generation IR Spectrometers: Performance Comparisons and Common Requirements for Ultra Sensitive Airborne Measurements
Livio Gianfrani Seconda Universita di Napoli
Chemical and isotopic analysis by means of near-IR diode laser spectrometry: applications to Earth Sciences
Peter Hering Dusseldorf University
TDLS based ultra sensitive trace gas detection for environmental and biomedical applications
Massimo Inguscio European Laboratory for Nonlinear Spectroscopy
The impact of semiconductor lasers on precision atomic and molecular spectroscopy
Eric Kerstel University of Groningen
Shining near-infrared light on isotope ratio measurements in applications from earth bound to the stratosphere
Toni Laurila Tampere University of Technology
Improving sensitivity in on-line heavy metals detection using diode lasers in the UV spectral range.
Philip Martin University of Manchester
In situ process analysis with NIR Diode Lasers
Boris Mizaikoff Georgia Institute of Technology
Fiberoptic Infrared Chemical Sensors based on Quantum Cascade Lasers
Alessandro Rossi Universita di Trento
Trace gas detection by means of optically enhanced diode laser photoacoustic spectroscopy
Keiichi Tanaka Kyushu University
Infrared Diode Laser Spectroscopy of Transient Species Produced by UV-Laser Photolysis
Vladimir Velichanskii P. N. Lebedev Physical Institute,
TDLS of alkali atoms

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