TDLS - 2007, Reims, France

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TDLS - 2007, Reims, France

Invited Speakers

Dr. Claire Gmachl Princeton University
The Role of Quantum Cascade Lasers in Laser Spectroscopy
Dr. Yunjie Xu University of Alberta
Application of Lead Salt Diode Lasers and Quantum Cascade Lasers for Infrared Spectroscopy of Jet-Cooled Molecules and Complexes
Dr. Manfred Zendel IAEA
IAEA Safeguards: Challenges in Detecting and Verifying Nuclear Materials and Activities
Prof. Dr. Markus Sigrist ETH Zurich
Trace Gas Monitoring with IR Laser-Based Detection Schemes
Prof. Martina Havenith Ruhr-University Bochum
Spectroscopy in Ultracold Heliumnanodroplets
Prof. Robert Curl Rice University
Application of Quantum Cascade Lasers to Trace Gas Analysis
Dr. Jay Jeffries Stanford University
Tunable Diode Laser Sensors for Combustion and Propulsion Applications
Dr. Didier Mondelain University of Pierre and Marie Curie
Study of Molecular Line Parameters with Temperatures in the 15 to 298K Range
Prof. Hideto Kanamori Tokyo Institute of Technology
Applications of Phase-Locked Diode Lasers with Optical Frequency Combs to Ultra High-Resolution Spectroscopy and Quantum Computing of Molecules
Dr. A.R.W. McKellar Steacie Institute for Molecular Sciences
TDL Spectroscopy of He Clusters

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